The holiday season often means a busy time for traveling for many people. Lots of individuals, couples and families go on holiday vacations and this means spending the night on hotels, lodging houses, rental cabins and the like. Businesses engaged in providing accommodations welcome this season as it brings a surge of customers into their establishments. The major problem, however, that they are dealing with that can seriously affect the running of their establishments is the presence of bed bugs on the rooms.

Through the years, bed bugs have been a constant problem in the hotels and lodging places. Having this kind of infestation can really put a negative impact on the operation of the business. Bed bugs may be small but when guests make a complaint or a scathing review including these little creatures on the web, they are sure to keep the rest of the population from securing a room in the said hotel or lodging house.

The problem with the bed bugs is that they are excellent hitchhikers, meaning they easily can transfer from place to place. Once they latch onto clothing, bags and luggage, these stowaways can travel and come home with the guests. If you are someone who rented a room in a hotel, surely, you don’t want to bring home these nasty biting creatures into your very own bed. It may not be clear whether bed bugs transmit diseases, but they are definitely painful biters and their biting frenzy can keep you awake throughout the night.

Hotels and lodging houses must take care to address this bed bug infestation right away. True, it’s very difficult to completely eradicate bed bugs, but with the help of an Alabama pest control professional, you may just find yourself successfully controlling the presence and population of these pesky creatures. Contacting your pest control services immediately as soon as you see an early infestation in your business will help to prevent them from escalating to become a bigger dilemma.

Owners and managers of lodging establishments should closely inspect their beds and furniture regularly for the presence of these little bed bugs. A sure sign of their presence is seeing dark spots on the mattresses and the linens. Any linens and coverings on the bed should be washed and dried on the hottest temperatures, as well.

For folks returning from their holiday vacation, they should always inspect their bags carefully before repacking. Never put luggage on top of the bed and keep them away from the bedroom. Clothes brought during the Christmas travel should be subjected to high heat in the dryer for 15 minutes before they are returned into the closet. And if there seems to be a bed bug problem in the home, notify the local pest control services right away to quickly solve the problem.

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