Quite some time has gone by since the 80s and 90s formal wedding and engagement portraits in studios which gave photography a poor name in some circles. Today, there are extraordinary photographers taking photos of weddings in Texas which resemble art and capture people’s true emotion and not those which look like they have been staged. Thus, if you or a close friend is having a wedding or engagement in the near future in Texas, you might want to call on a professional wedding photographer to capture you in some of the most awesome poses listed below.
Pose 1: Walk Away and Come Back This is the best wedding pose for brides and grooms which involves you (the couple) walking away and then coming back as you make small talk while you have your photo taken. This results in a magnificent photo since the photographer will be using a zoom lens giving you freedom to do as you wish as you get your photos taken.

Pose 2: Looking at your shoes This is usually a glamorous wedding photo which works out well for the bride’s shot. Whether you look to the bottom of your dress or look at your shoes from the side, the moment you do it always seems to look natural, pretty and fresh. If it’s not coming out naturally, then you can look over your shoulder or your shoes before amazing shot is taken. This is one pose which you should definitely try out!

Pose 3: Button up There are usually some fabulous natural wedding pose moments when the groom is getting ready for the big day. As the title points out, you as the groom can be buttoning or unbuttoning your jacket while your photo is taken. Alternatively, you can pose as if you are putting on your cufflinks or adjusting your tie/bowtie as snapshots are taken for your special wedding day. While this will give you something to do as the shot is being taken, that precise moment usually results in a masculine and natural look. More so, if you are close to a window, the photo taken can be the money shot.

Pose 4: Helping the groom prepare While this pose involves the groom, there is a slight twist to it. The best man or your father can help you adjust something – which is usually the boutonniere, tie or bowtie – that is if they aren’t already doing it. This not only creates a natural moment that looks great, but it also captures long-lasting memories. Pose 5: Spin As the bride, you can use your dress to create some attitude in your austin tx area wedding and engagement photos. Coupled with the dress combination and personality, you can reveal your inner child with this fun wedding pose. In fact, you can spin as shots are being taken with a slowed down the shutter speed to produce fun movement photos. If you are looking to get natural and exquisite photos taken for weddings in Texas, then you need to have a professional a wedding photographer guide you in making the above five poses.